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Conflict of Interest

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The paintings and drawings within the Conflict of Interest series look at the elements and symbols of war. What we build reflects our nature and our desires. It reflects our desire for positions of power, retribution, strength, security, and order. These works are an attempt to awaken curiosity, to enable critical thinking, and to spark dialogue about the past, the present, and our future. 

- Lad Decker


Recent Show

Tanks TK-18-17

2018, Oil on canvas, 32 x 52 inches

Peacekeeping - October 2018

A show of recent work from the Conflict of Interest project. Reflections on American and global conflicts from the Vietnam War through present day with a focus on human emotion and motivation as expressed through the machines and landscapes of war.

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Inside the studio

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Looking at war and conflict

Take a peek inside the studio and hear how helicopters began to appear in the paintings.


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